When flowers burst out of barren rocks

From October to November every year, beautiful buckwheat flowers bloom all over the DongVan karst plateau. Enjoy the ethereal views and listen to the elders of the ethnic minorities tell the story of buckwheat.

Walk amongst the fields of buckwheat


All through October and November buckwheat flowers bloom throughout the plain. The pure beauty of the flowers dazzles all and sundry.

See the buckwheat fields

The story of buckwheat


How the buckwheat festival came to be

Long ago, on cold winter nights around the fire, elders of the Dong Van Karst Plateau tribes told their children the story of a beautiful flower that bloomed between the rocks in late autumn:

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Once upon a time there were two fairies in heaven named Rice and Corn. Each year, when spring arrived, they descended down to earth to sow seeds for the year’s crops. When Rice and Corn were done planting, they didn’t know what to do with the left over husks, so they threw them into a ravine.

During the spring and summer, villagers tended the rice and corn, and when the crops were ready they harvested the food. There was plenty to eat right after the harvest, but after that the food ran low. Villagers had to skip dinner each night and go to bed hungry. One day in the fall, during a time of little food, the villagers set out to search for something to eat. When they went down into the ravine, they were astonished to see tiny pink and white flowers covering the mountainsides. When they bent down to look at the beautiful flowers, the villagers noticed a small triangular seed hiding behind the pink and white petals. On the flowers where the petals had died, the little seeds had turned black. Since they were so hungry, the villages decided to try to cook the small black seeds. To their surprise, the black seeds yielded food that was as delicious as rice and corn. Their hunger soon disappeared.

Because the seeds were the offspring of the rice and corn husks, the villages decided the new food must be a type of wheat. And because the small seeds looked like triangles, they named their new food, “Buckwheat.” Nowadays, the peoples of Ha giang celebrate the flower every year with festivals.

Other Activities

Buckwheat product experience

  • Taste Buckwheat based products (cake, biscuits, liquour, etc.) and learn about how they are made
  • Try ethnic foods
  • View “Blossoming Rock”, a photo exposition on Buckwheat flowers
  • Experience “Soul of Rock”, a folk singing and dance performance

Saturday, 15 October to Sunday, 16 October, 2017, Dong Van Old Quarter

Buckwheat Flower Festival Opening Ceremony

See the spectacular performances by the people of Ha Giang celebrating the buckwheat festival!

20:00 – Saturday, 15 October, 2017
Dong Van Stadium, Dong Van town

Ha Giang Folk Music and Traditional Costume Street Festivals

  • Join in the interactive folk music concerts performed by the ethnic group minorities.
  • Attend an ethnic costume fashion show. Enjoy dry puppet and circus performances.

Stage 1: Dong Van Old Quarter
Stage 2: 20:00 – Sunday, 16 October, 2017, Dong Van Coach Station

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Accommodation is available in over 30+ guesthouses and hotels across the plateau and in Ha Giang City; please call the hot line for more information.

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Public camping

Public camping is available from 10 to 25 October, 2017 near the Dong Van Coach Station (80,000 – 100,000 per person).

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Getting around

Here’s how you can find your way around Ha Giang!

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