A masterpiece of human ingenuity

Hoang Su Phi is well-known for the breathtaking scenery of its marvelous terraced fields, a masterpiece created by generation upon generation of the Ha Giang people. Every harvest season, a glorious yellow shade covers the whole region.

Believe you can fly

The terraces in Hoang Su Phi are steeper and higher than those at the other locations in Vietnam. Tottering on the mountains, the fields testify to the ingenuity of the people of Ha Giang.

Imagine you have wings. What would you see here?

Things to do

Farming with the ethnic minorities

Join the creators of the masterpiece! You can lend a hand in making the beautiful terraced fields and help put food on their tables.

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Photography tour in the beautiful terraced fields

Every water season and harvest season, photographers flock to Hoang Su Phi’s terraced fields to capture their beauty. Immerse yourself the fragrant scent of young rice and join the photographic adventure!

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A spectacular picture

Hoang Su Phi’s terraced fields create a spectacular landscape of constantly changing color all year round: from the sparkling light of water, arrayed like a huge mirror during the rainy season, to the young green of rice and of golden terraces in the harvesting season.