The plateau’s greatest cave

Lung Khuy cave is a masterpiece created by millennia of geological activities. Long hidden under the mountains, the astonishing Lung Khuy cave recently emerged to become one of our province’s most spectacular tourist destinations.

A stunning formations

Discovered in 2015, the Lung Khuy cave is 300 meters long and named after a nearby village of Lung Khuy.


For thousands of years, drip after drip of mineralized water built up the cave’s stunning formations – its stalactites, columns, and flowstones.

Things to do

Do the cave walk

Do the cave walk

Step inside to see the dazzling and untouched formations, beautifully highlighted by colorful neons.

Hike along the mountainside to the cave

Hike along the mountainside to the cave

The path through the cave hangs over a lush green slope and overlooks a gorgeous valley. Slow down and enjoy the view!

Journey into the wonders of nature