Mornings of nature, afternoons of adventure, nights of culture

There is so much you can do in Ha Giang every day. Wake up to the beautiful views of Ha Giang nature. Set off to exciting adventures high above the mountain clouds or deep under the canyon abyss during the day. Sit around the kitchen fire to enjoy the company and hospitality of our minorities at night.

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Nature inspires you

In Ha Giang, nature overwhelms you with majesty and beauty. The sublime mountains stand high above the clouds. The magnificent canyons penetrate deep into the terrain. The rivers wind their way through magnificient landscapes. The terraced fields mesmerize and awe.

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Adventure thrills you

Be it trekking through gorgeous landscapes, motorbiking through the tortuous mountain passes, or exploring the caves, Ha Giang has an adventure for everybody, whether you are a professional adventurer or just beginning to venture off beaten path.

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Culture amazes you

Home to 22 minorities – each with their own language, clothing, and traditions, we are proud of our diversity and authenticity. Experience the lives of our minorities in the “cultural villages” of Ha Giang, where hospitality and authenticity come together to excite. Homestay for a night, enjoy a traditional meal, shop for the local artisanal products, or enjoy a hot herbal bath prepared according to the secret recipe of our minorities.

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