The land of the yellow-bark tree

As a legend of the local La Chi people has it, Hoang Su Phi owes its unforgettable scenery to the yellow-bark tree. To quote the La Chi elders, during the Great Flood, all the trees under heaven were submerged under a deluge. Only one massive yellow tree remained, in which the humans sought shelter. After the flood receded, some people cut down the tree to make their own houses. The trunk and leaves of the tree fell across Hoang Su Phi and turned into the district’s craggy mountains and canyons. Ever since, Hoang Su Phi is called “the land of the yellow-bark tree".

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Hoang Su Phi’s Terraced Fields

Generations of Hoang Su Phi people sculpted these terraced fields into our steep mountain slopes, which now overlook stunning valleys. They are quite wondrous to behold, especially during May (the monsoon season) and September (the harvest season). If you love to take beautiful photos, you don’t want to miss coming to Hoang Su Phi during these seasons!

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