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Tour highlights:

Visit the beautiful Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate and the Lung Khuy cave
Stop by the storied Pao’s House and the Hmong King’s Palace
Ascend the flagpole at Vietnam’s Final Frontier
Behold the stunning Ma Pi Leng pass

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Day 1 - Enter heaven's gate

Start from Ha Giang City in the morning and make your way up the highway 4C. In the early morning light, you will be able to get your first glimpse of Quan Ba’s Heaven’s Gate. Stop by the viewpoint there to enjoy the dazzling landscape. Then descend from the pass and visit what locals call the “the Fairy Bosoms,” a pair of perfectly shaped mountains. Here, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the entire Tam Son valley. Have lunch in Tam Son town.

Alternatively, if you have want to connect with your spiritual side, you can visit the Thach Son Than and Binh An temples before getting to Heaven’s Gate.

In the afternoon, you will visit the Lung Khuy cave. The hike to the cave involves climbing lush green slopes and overlooks a stunning valley below. Step inside the cave and marvel at the beautiful cave formations created by millennia of geological activities.

Have dinner and stay the night at Tam Son town in Quan Ba. For a unique Dong Van Plateau experience, you could stay at Nam Dam village’s Dao Lodge, an award-winning lodge with Dao-themed architecture.

Day 2: Go into the Heart of the Plateau

After breakfast in Tam Son town, leave the town for Lung Tam village, home to the province’s most exquisite linen products, handmade from 100% natural materials by a cooperative of Hmong women.

After Lung Tam, you travel from Lung Khuy to Yen Minh town. On the way, you can stop by the viewing point in Lao Va Chai to enjoy the breathtaking views of terraced fields and pine forests. Have lunch at Yen Minh town, then hit the road to get to Dong Van.

On your way to Dong Van, visit Lung Cam village, home to the famous Pao’s house in “The Story of Pao”, a classic of Vietnamese cinema. The village is situated in a beautiful valley adorned with rapeseed, roses, and buckwheat flowers.

On the way, also stop by the Hmong King’s Palace, former home of the Vuong clan, self-proclaimed Kings of the lost Hmong kingdom. One of the tour guides is a descendant of the Hmong King himself, try to catch her tour groups and listen to her stories! You can also stop by Sa Phin market to refresh yourself with some water and buckwheat cake after your long drive.

As night approaches, you’ll arrive at Dong Van’s Old Quarter and have dinner there. Then, you can visit the night market in Dong Van and sip a cup of café in Dong Van’s famous Old Town Café.

Day 3: The Final Frontier and the Ma Pi Leng pass

For breakfast, try some delicacies of the local minorities such as men men, banh cuon trung, and Thang Co in the Dong Van market. Then set out for the Lung Cu flagpole, The Final Frontier of the country. After you descend the flagpole, swing by Lo Lo Chai village, home to one of Vietnam’s rarest minorities. Enjoy the Lo Lo culture and also try a cup of matcha at Café Cuc Bac, a family-run café built out of a traditional Lo Lo home.

Head back to Dong Van town for lunch, then travel long the Happiness Road to visit the legendary Ma Pi Leng pass just after noon. Stop by the viewing point at the pass to be awed by the magnificence!

After you visit the Ma Pi Leng pass, drive back to Ha Giang City. Arrive in Ha Giang City at night for dinner and a restful night.