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One-day excursion in Ha Giang City

Tour highlights:

Discover the peaceful Tay villages around Ha Giang City Immerse in the beauty of the Lung Tien waterfall Trek up the mountains and villages of Ha Giang.

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Experience the perfect blend of beautiful nature and the Tay culture at Ha Thanh Village
After breakfast, hop into a car for a 10-minute ride out of Ha Giang City to Ha Thanh Village. You can walk around the village to look at the mini rice terrace fields interspersed with limestone. Traditional Tay houses here are well-preserved; you can see wooden houses, straw roofs, and mini ponds. Lung Tien Waterfall is also a part of this village. You can cross the river and get breathtakingly close to the beautiful waterfall. You can even swim in the top pond of the waterfall!
And, finally, you could try cooking a quick lunch with the villagers. The local rice wine recipes differ for each village, so it is always worth trying out all the recipes!


Immerse yourself in the beauty of your natural surroundings while trekking around
Ha Giang City
There are various trekking options around Ha Giang City. Try trekking around the Tha Village which takes only half a day. Local villagers can also help you pick some herbs along the way that you can use to enjoy a herbal bath after your long walk.
You have yet another option awaiting you at Tien Thang Village. This is the Cao Bo – Cao Banh trail which has been named “the best trekking route in Ha Giang”.

Back to town to rest
Hop on your motorbike again to go back to the city. Try staying at one of the homestays in town. Tien Thang Village and Ban Tuy Village, for instance, will provide among the most authentic experiences of the Tay ethnic group that you can find.

Two-day tour of Ha Giang City

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A fun and beautiful ride up the mountain to the Khuoi My and Na Thac Villages
After breakfast, hop on the back of a motorbike going up to the Khuoi My and Na Thac Villages. The 45-minute ride up the mountain unveils spectacular scenes of rice-terraced fields. If you are lucky, you may even see a few Tay people in their traditional costumes walking down the path.

Tea picking, making, and sipping at the best source in Ha Giang
Na Thac village is named one of the best tea sources in Vietnam. Try joining the villagers to pick tea leaves and roast the tea. Once done, you can then experience your own home-made tea! You can also buy some tea leaves to take back home with you!
Once refreshed, hop on the back of the motorbike and continue your ride up for another 15-20 minutes. On your way, you may notice a few ancient houses with green moss on the roof!

Cooking and eating traditional food and wine with the locals
Cook some traditional Tay food and partake of their famous rice wine with the villagers. Fresh and organic vegetables and home-grown chicken and pork are always the best ingredients for lunch. Plus, the home-made rice wine is a welcome addition.
After lunch, take a quick nap to revitalize yourself before continuing on the afternoon journey.


Take a signature shot at the hanging bridge
Fully refreshed after a quick nap, continue on a quick 5-minute ride up to the giant hanging bridge. From the bridge, you can see the perfect fusion of drifting river and rice-terraced fields in between two mountains.
This is also the perfect place for a group shot if you’d like to create a memory of your own.

Reconnect with your spiritual side after a long day
If you are looking for spiritual peace, try visiting a few pagodas and temples in town. The Quan Am Pagoda is a great stop for some meditation. The Mother Temple and Thac Con Temple are also very close to the city for those who want to pay their respects to the Mother Goddess.